Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Worth Watching: Vincent and The Doctor

Doctor Who is a sci-fi show that has a little something in store for everyone. It has adventure, sci-fi, memorable characters, compelling plot, and sometimes, reminders of things we tend to forget as we carry on in our day-to-day lives.

A good friend had me watch Episode 10 of Season 5, arming me with these lines -- "Have tissues ready."

My daily pocket pack of tissues could not contain all my feelings, or the tears shed in this episode.

No, no one dies. Well, yes, someone actually does, but it's a meaningful death, and its not the actual point of the episode. Everyone dies, but sometimes, seeming-villains are scared too, when they die.

I want to focus on the main idea in this episode, and this is something I shared with another good friend.

We're all imperfect people.

There will be times when we feel weak. Hopeless. Worthless. An embarrassment to society or our families. There will be times when we feel our life's work is garbage or mediocre, no matter how hard we try. .

The Universe might not need you in its encompassing enormity and  wondrous complexity. You might be merely a speck to it. But --

 The Universe is also in you, and you are wonderful and complex and bigger in more ways than your body can define you. You are part of this majestic and infinite Cosmos, and in some ways of thinking about it, it manifests itself through you.

You're You, your're Here, Right Now.

And this is just me, but to me, this is the most empowering life lesson I've ever learned in a long, long time.

Whenever I feel down and terrible, this episode never fails to pick me up again and set me straight.

Let me share the biggest turning point of this episode with you. Have tissues ready. Enjoy.

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